Fall 2018 Faculty Review Notices

Aug. 8, 2018

Spring 2016 Faculty Review Notices

Unless otherwise noted, for each review Webster University faculty, staff and students are invited to submit written and signed testimony relevant to the following criteria:

  • Classroom teaching
  • University contributions
  • Professional activities/contributions
  • Student advising
  • Department contributions/service

The departments for the following faculty members have posted notice of faculty reviews during Fall 2018. Please see the text after each faculty member name for instructions and deadlines for submitting testimony. 

Note: This post is updated with new names throughout the term as notice of new reviews are received. You can find a department or faculty member’s name quickly by doing a CTRL-F search for their name.

Last updated: Aug. 13, 2018

Leigh Gerdine College of Fine Arts

College of Arts & Sciences

Department of Anthropology and Sociology

Elsa Fan: The Department of Anthropology and Sociology is conducting a review of Elsa Fan, assistant professor of Cultural Anthropology, for tenure and promotion to associate professor. All members of the University Community are invited to submit written testimony commenting upon the following: 1) teaching and advising; 2) professional development; and 3) service and contributions to the department and university. Letters should be addressed to: Jong Bum Kwon, Department of Anthropology and Sociology, Browning Hall, Room 327. To be considered by the department’s review committee, letters must be written and signed, and submitted by Friday, Oct. 12. Please refer all questions to Dr. Kwon at jongkwon00@webster.edu.

School of Communications

George Herbert Walker School of Business & Technology

Department of Management

Julie "JP" Palmer: the Department of Management is conducting a review on Julie Palmer, associate professor of Management, for promotion to full professor. All members of the University community are invited to submit written comments regarding contributions and performance of the faculty member being considered for promotion. Advancement to the rank of professor implies and the criteria for promotion are: 1) excellence in teaching; 2) substantial relevant professional experience, and 3) current and continuing contributions to the faculty member’s discipline and service to the university community. Letters should be addressed to: Al Marcella, Department of Management, East Academic Building, Room 380, 545 Garden Ave., St. Louis, MO 63119-3194. To be considered by the review committee, comments must be written and signed. Comments may be submitted by email to marcela@webster.edu with a hard copy submission mailed. The deadline for submission is Friday, Sept. 7, 2018.

School of Education

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