Summer/Fall 2018 Lab and Classroom Software Deadline

Feb. 8, 2018

Summer/Fall 2018 Lab and Classroom Software Deadline
Make sure to submit requests by March 1

In order to manage a growing catalog of software titles, the University’s IT organization will assess all new software requests based on a number of factors in coordination with the programs of each school.

These factors include: the product life cycle, the vendor’s support structure for the software, compatibility with Webster’s PC/Mac platforms, and the product’s global roadmap, among other considerations. This is in alignment with the themes of the University’s strategic plan, Global Impact for the Next Century.

The lab and multimedia classroom software request deadline for Summer/Fall 2018 is Thursday, March 1, 2018.  We have changed the date from April 15 to March 1 to allow more time for processing, testing, and implementation. We will be working with the Department and Program chairs, but all requests should be emailed to the Information Technology Service Management Office-Software Management:

All requests will be provided to Program and Department chairs to identify opportunities to support the curriculum and for budget approval and planning. We will also review currently installed software with each chair to see if applications are still needed on the images. We cannot guarantee that requests received after this deadline will be installed by the start of Summer/Fall 2018 classes.

We will work with academic Department and Program chairs to evaluate requests, plan for installation and communicate necessary information to faculty for course preparation.

Thank you for helping us prepare the labs and multimedia classrooms for Summer/Fall 2018 classes.

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