Updates to ESA Forms in Cherwell Portal

May. 21, 2019

Updates to ESA Forms in Cherwell portal

Changes were made over the weekend to simplify the Enterprise System Access Forms (ESA) available through the Cherwell portal.

Notable updates include:

For the New Access Request form, a new question has been added for supervisors to specify what menus/screens are needed when requesting CX access for an employee. In addition, submission of this form will automatically generate a task for a technician to contact you to discuss technology needs for the employee.

The existing Change/Modify Access form has been replaced by a new Modify CX Permissions form as that form had primarily been used for this purpose. This new form is shorter and designed for employees who already have CX access but something about their access or permissions needs to be modified.

The Remove Access form has also been shortened and simplified. Upon submission of this form, tasks will automatically be generated for IT to verify and remove system access after the effective date supervisors indicate on the form.

For situations where an employee only needs access to a network/shared drive and no other system access, it is no longer required to submit a full New Access Request form. Instead, a new form has been created called Request Network/Shared Drive Access. A shortcut to this form exists in the New Access Request form and is also located via the Network/Internet -> Network/Shared Drive option in the portal.

You may view full instructions here on how to complete enterprise system access forms.  As a reminder, these forms should be filled out by supervisors/managers. When an employee leaves your department/campus/school, please remember to fill out a Remove Access form.

New Quick Ticket Entry Option

Based on feedback from students, faculty and staff, also included in this weekend’s updates was the addition of a new quick ticket entry option in the Cherwell portal. If you are unsure which option to click on to classify your issue/request, you may use this link to bypass the classifications and be taken directly to the screen to enter details for your issue/request and submit it to IT.

Did You Know?

If you click on the headings for My Service Requests and My Incidents under the My Items section at the upper left of the portal, it will take you to a screen that shows your open tickets as well as a list of your closed tickets. You may view status of tickets from this screen and add comments that will be sent to whoever is assigned the ticket. Please also never hesitate to contact the IT Service Desk directly for additional follow ups on tickets.

Your feedback is important. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please let us know by contacting the IT Service Desk at support@webster.edu.

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