Invitation to Join a Volunteerism or Service Learning Task Force

Jun. 11, 2019

Invitation to Join a Volunteerism or Service Learning Task Force

A recent letter informed the Webster University community that the Webster Works Worldwide day-of-service event is being put on hold so that the University can review the program and determine how we can build more service-learning, or community-based learning, projects into the curriculum. We are also investigating how we could keep the spirit of volunteerism active throughout the University.

Two different task forces will investigate these options:

The University Volunteerism Task Force will investigate ways that staff, students, faculty and alumni can continue to give back to the surrounding community, which may include – but would not be limited to – a day of service.

The Service-Learning Task Force will work to conduct an inventory of service-learning activities that are embedded in courses and programs and investigate ways to identify, recognize and promote these high-impact activities to current and prospective students.

If you have any interest in volunteering to serve on either the University Volunteerism Task Force or the Service-Learning Task Force, please submit by June 28 the following information to

  • your name
  • which task force you are interested in serving on 
  • a sentence or two about why you are interested in serving on the task force

Volunteers will be selected from these submissions and each task force will begin meeting during the fall semester.

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