WebEx Recordings Permanently Deleted on June 25

Jun. 24, 2020

WebEx Recordings Permanently Deleted on June 25

All WebEx Recordings prior to June 18, 2020 will be permanently deleted on Thursday, June 25. As part of the shift to online instruction and operations, our vendor provided us a short period of unlimited storage space. As announced in Spring, this unlimited storage space is scheduled to end on June 25. 

If there are any recordings saved in your account that you wish to keep, you must manually download them to your computer or alternate storage (i.e. OneDrive in Office 365) prior to Midnight June 25, to avoid losing them. 

Regularly purging WebEx recordings is required to ensure that WebEx account holders have available space to record WebEx sessions. These purgings will need to be more frequent based on increased usage. Individuals should plan to download any recordings every seven days for the duration of remote instruction/operations.

How To Download Recordings

  • Sign in to websteru.webex.com
  • Go to WebEx Meetings - Host a Meeting - My Recorded Meetings
  • Once you see your list of recorded meetings go to the icon at the far right. Click on this and select Download.
  • Remember to delete any recordings after you download them.

The Online Learning Center has provided a web page with additional resources regarding downloading recordings, saving recordings to Office 365 and more.  While the content is geared towards faculty members, the instructions for downloading recordings is the same regardless of your role. 

Per above, please make sure to review, download, and delete your recordings on at least a weekly basis. We anticipate that we will be purging recordings on a much more frequent basis throughout Summer and Fall to ensure we stay within all space limitations.

Please remember that once a recording is purged from the WebEx server it cannot be recovered.

For any questions, please contact the IT Service Desk at support@webster.edu.

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