Webster Athens Inaugurates HPIR Lecture Series

Sep. 29, 2015

Snapshot: Webster Athens Inaugural Lecture Series

Webster University's campus in Athens, Greece, has inaugurated a lecture series on international relations, history and politics.

The inaugural lecture on Sept. 25, "Crisis in the Middle East: Iran, Syria, ISIS and the Implications for Europe," was delivered by Tom Gross, renowned journalist, international affairs commentator and human rights campaigner specializing in the Middle East.

In 2014, former Pentagon official Michael Rubin wrote, "Tom Gross is probably Europe's leading observer of the Middle East."

Gross' lecture addressed the prospects for any near-term solution in Syria; concerns about ISIS territorial control and the multiple reasons that people join its ranks; the challenges of the migrant-refugee crisis that European Union member countries need to confront; Iran's regional discourse; and, U.S. policy toward a turbulent Middle East.

Diplomats, military officers, security officers, students, academicians and journalists attended the lecture. The event comes as part of Webster's focus on depth learning, experience, understanding and critical analysis of world affairs from thought leaders. 

Pictured above: Ellie Despotaki, academic advisor and special programs coordinator; Susie Michaelides, vice-chancellor for Academic Affairs; Tom Mazarakis, director of Operations; Antonia Dimou, director of Admissions; Tom Gross, guest lecturer; John Nomikos, head of History, Politics, & International Relations at Webster Athens; and Nadia Black, intern

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