BBC: Chess strategy and the Iran nuclear negotiations

Jul. 17, 2015

BBC: Chess, strategy, and the Iran nuclear negotiations
With the Iran nuclear talks in the news, BBC Arabic spoke with Polgar in Vienna during the Chess for Girls tournament.

The historic Iran nuclear deal was reached in Vienna, where high-level negotiations took place at the same time Webster University's Vienna campus was host to the FIDE WOM Chess for Girls tournament. As talks between a group of six world powers and Iran intensified, many compared the complexity of these delicate negotiations to the strategies employed in the game of chess.

During the week-long talks, BBC Arabic came to Webster University Vienna to talk to Webster chess coach Susan Polgar, the grandmaster and founder of the Susan Polgar Institute for Chess Excellence (SPICE) that co-hosted the chess tournament. BBC also spoke with Samuel R. Schubert, professor of International Relations at Webster Vienna.  

The Chess for Girls tournament brought 10 young women from 10 different countries, who are the leading chess players in their countries, to Webster Vienna.

During the interviews with BBC, Polgar examined what chess strategies and negotiations have in common, while Schubert, an expert on U.S. foreign policy and the Middle East, shed some light on the positions of the negotiating parties. 

Watch the video below, or at this link on YouTube:

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