President Notes Webster History, Hybrid Offerings on Panel about Cross-Border Education

Jun. 8, 2016

Stroble on Panel about Cross-Border Education

Webster University President Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble shared her insights on the future of cross-border higher education and Webster's experiences in this area on a panel webinar with nearly 1,000 attendees hosted by University World News and DrEducation. 

Several key thoughts from the panel of experts were captured in the University World News story recapping the webinar.

The panelists agreed that growth of transnational education, or TNE, must go hand in hand with an increase in quality, and that “shifting” regulations and differences in regulatory environment between sending and hosting countries pose significant challenges for both students and institutions.

As the recap stated:

"Looking overseas, Stroble also pointed out that countries were strengthening quality control of cross-border education.

"As an institution with a history of transnational education stretching back nearly four decades, Stroble said Webster University’s approach was to adapt to local surroundings instead of trying to impose a purely American institution as a branch campus.

“'We don’t call them branch campuses. We think of them as Webster University centres that happen to be in an additional location. This approach makes us a stronger institution,' she said."

The panelists also discussed the role a physical presence or at least a hybrid online/offline model has in providing a successful experience for students:

"Stroble said Webster University had a long tradition of offering online education, including to those on military bases, and she had noted that many students doing online courses lived close to the university’s campuses.

"'Seeing you on the ground gives people confidence and trust,' she said."

Read the full recap, which also discusses securing local accreditation, here.

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