Snapshot: Staff Members Represent Webster at Casa de Salud Gala

May. 15, 2017


Webster staffers at the Casa de Salud ball
Webster staff members at the Casa de Salud Gala

Staff members represented Webster University at the Casa de Salud Gala on May 6. Casa de Salud is a healthcare clinic that primarily serves immigrants throughout the metropolitan area.

Through sponsorship of the gala, President Beth Stroble asked the Webster Staff Alliance to extend an invitation to various staff members to attend on behalf of Webster.

Among those attending the gala were Anne Browning, Nancy Haparimwi, Katie Knetzer, Allison Labaali, Kristen Rosen, Lori Sharp, Vanika Spencer, and Stacey Tunnicliff.
"In the current political climate, Casa de Salud’s work with our immigrant community is more important than ever," Labaali said. "I was thrilled to attend their gala and learn more about this amazing organization.”
Spencer echoed this praise. "Casa de Salud has been an important resource for St. Louis’s immigrant community for years. It was encouraging to see so much community support for the essential services Casa provides." 

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