Webster Thailand's International Relations Department Gathers Experts in Regional Security, Migration

Feb. 28, 2017

Webster Thailand's Interntational Relations Department Gathers Regional Experts

Webster University Thailand hosted an academic conference Feb. 22-23 in collaboration with Calcutta University, covering the 'Regional Dynamics in Asia.' It was organized by Thailand's International Relations department.

The event brought together scholars from Webster University Thailand and Calcutta University as well as a contribution from Thammasat University.

The topics covered ranged across subjects as diverse as historical bilateral relations, functional cooperation, migration, education, anti-narcotics policies and regional security. 

Click here for the link to the full story at Webster Thailand.

Below is a video with Margaret K. McMillion, former United States Ambassador to Rwanda, and Lindsay Kingston, associate professor at Webster University and director of its Institute for Human Rights and Humanitarian Studies:

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