Bloomberg Breakthrough: Benedikt Kaltenboeck

Apr. 24, 2018

Bloomberg Breakthrough: Benedikt Kaltenboeck
Benedikt Kaltenboeck

Webster Vienna undergraduate student, Benedikt Kaltenboeck, is getting the chance of a lifetime to intern with Bloomberg in their new headquarters in England.
Read about how Benedikt got his hands on this unique opportunity and what is in store for him and this internationally renowned company.

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I was born and raised in Vienna, Austria. I heard about Webster through a former student, who was emphasizing the international atmosphere, which really motivated me to start my studies at the Vienna Campus. I am a second year business management and economics student and I plan to graduate in May 2019. I am still undecided as to where I am going to be in 10 years, but I know that it will have something to do with financial markets. I am very enthusiastic about numbers and I like analyzing financial data. I am interested in market structures and I am reading economic newspapers on a daily basis.


How did you hear about the Bloomberg presentations on our campus?

Through our great Career Adviser Alexandra Deubner I heard that a Bloomberg recruiter will visit our campus early in fall 2017. I immediately signed up for the info session and reserved a slot for my interview. The event was well managed, and it provided me with great insights on the company’s objectives and work structure. Once again, I have to thank Ms. Deubner as the internship application would not have been possible without her support and encouragement.


I can encourage every student to visit the Career Development Center when they are seeking help on writing their CV and applying for jobs/internships.   


Could you walk us through the interview process? How did you prepare? Were you nervous?

I prepared myself intensively for the internship application. It took me over two weeks to come up with my perfect CV (Ms. Deubnner helped me with the right structure). I researched the company before writing my motivational letter. This gave me the opportunity to include interesting facts about Bloomberg in my text. Furthermore, I watched several videos and interviews with Bloomberg representatives, especially in the HR department. The interview itself lasted about 10-15 minutes.

The Bloomberg representative was very straight-forward and immediately created an amicable atmosphere. He was very nice and encouraged us to speak freely, which led to me being less nervous during the interview. I was asked about my educational background and about my extracurricular activities. He was clearly impressed by my volunteering experience in Kathmandu, Nepal, which gave me the impression that Bloomberg has a strong social aspect. At the end of the interview he congratulated me and announced that I will proceed to the next round of the application process, which was a video interview.


How did the Career Development Center help you/prepare you for this opportunity?

Not only did Ms. Deubner help me as I prepared my CV, she also advised me on how to behave during the Interview. Her tips definitely made it easier for me to face the Interview. I can encourage every student to visit the Career Development Center when they are seeking help on writing their CV and applying for jobs/internships.   


Where will the internship take place, in Vienna or London? And how long will it take and what will you be doing?

My internship will last for 10-weeks and will be in London, UK. I will be working in the Analytics & Sales department of Bloomberg and will help clients with gaining the ideal financial information for optimizing their portfolios. In doing so, I will be helping clients with issues regarding the Bloomberg Terminal. Additionally, I will also be assisting with customer recruitment for the Bloomberg Terminal and will be representing the company to prospective clients.


What about the internship are you looking forward to the most? What are your expected outcomes?

I am just so excited that I will be working in one of the most prestigious financial companies in the world. I will definitely gain in-depth knowledge on financial markets, risk assessment and the assessment of financial data. The fact that I will be working in London, the European city that attracts the most financial institutions, fills me with joy. Furthermore, I am definitely looking forward to experiencing the new European HQ of Bloomberg, which is located, close to the St. Paul’s Cathedral and provides a great view over London. During my 10-weeks stay I will also be working with the Bloomberg Terminal, which is a financial data analyzation tool that is used my almost every financial institution worldwide.

Do you know how many people applied for this Internship?

I don’t know the exact number, but it was a highly selective acceptance rate.


Are you looking forward to working with people and meeting new contacts/getting to network?

Definitely! Bloomberg provides great networking opportunities and hosts several information sessions and recruiters from other companies. This will provide me with the opportunity to connect with prospective employers and future colleagues.


We would like to thank Benedikt for his time and wish him the very best in his internship and future career! We would also like to thank the Career Development Center for creating opportunities for students to meet face to face with such prestigious companies like Bloomberg. Coming up soon, we will publish an overview of our students that are currently affiliated with this institution.

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