Webster University Geneva Launches the Academic Careers Excel (ACE) Program

May. 3, 2018

Webster University Geneva Launches the Academic Careers Excel (ACE) Program

In the Fall 2017, Webster University Geneva launched a new program entitled ACE, Academic Careers Excel.

The program’s goals include GPA improvement, skills development for the international workplace, increased participation in double majors, minors, certificates, internships, and study abroad.

To maximise the continuous realignment of theory and practice, ACE was initiated to include voluntary student engagement to work with their Academic Advisor and their Career Counsellor. This trio of student, academic advisor and career counsellor will meet together each semester. 

The initial target group were students holding GPAs between 2.5 and 3.49 in hopes of improving prospects for those students who may be making good progress towards graduation but could still better their performance. These students responded with enthusiasm as they see this program trying to assist them with their academic and career planning concerns and needs.  

An improvement of GPAs, relevant language and ICT skills, and any recommended usage of the Learning Center which focuses on improving English writing and quantitative skills will be part of the points tracked.  

For more information on this program please contact the ACE Program co-heads and writers in Geneva: Amanda Callendrierhead of Academic Resources, and Beatrice von Mach, co-director of Career Services.

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