Webster Thailand Students Perform "The Virtuous Burglar"

Mar. 30, 2018

Webster Thailand Students Perform "The Virtuous Burglar"
Students from Webster Thailand with campus director, Keith E Welsh

On March 3 students from Webster Thailand delivered a memorable performance of "The Virtuous Burglar," held at the Sala@Hua Hin conference hall. The play was directed by Webster Thailand's campus director, Keith E Welsh.

"The Virtuous Burglar," a satirical one-act play, is one of playwright Dario Fo’s most famous works. Set in 1950’s London, the play follows the story of a burglar who becomes entangled in the middle of an extramarital affair. Initially forced to hide in a grandfather clock after the homeowner unexpectedly returns home, the burglar soon leaves his hiding spot to ‘join the action’. As the play continues, the characters remain locked in a flat together where the situation slowly becomes increasingly (but hilariously) complicated.

Read the full story at Webster Thailand here.

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