Webster's Got Talent 2018

Feb. 21, 2018

Webster's Got Talent 2018

The 6th annual Webster’s Got Talent Vienna show on February 16 saw 6 students show off their unique gifts, hoping to win over the hearts of the audience and maybe take home the title and trophy. The students surprised the audience of fellow students, friends and others with their amazing talents.

To warm up the crowd for the big performances, "Abyssy“ - a band featuring Webster Vienna student Victor Henckel von Donnersmarck - played a few of their own songs. 

First performer up was Rasul Meredov, who brought some smooth jazz onto stage for us with "Strangers in the night“ by Frank Sinatra. Followed by Sarah McIntosh with a beautiful German performance of "Wenn es weiter regnet“. "I fell in love with the Musical Rocky and especially the German version, so I knew I had to sing that one for the talent show.“, said Sarah when asked why she chose the song. 

Alexis Edwards showcased her mesmerizing Hoola Hoop talent in front of a cheering crowd and seemingly let the ring float around stage. To which Milica Divac brought some Broadway vibes with her performance of the world hit "Cabaret“ from Liza Minelli. And while we were still marveling at these performances, Fermi Austrianto used the chance to let our hearts soar with a silky version of "Let’s get it on“ by Marvin Gaye. 

Last but not least, Daisy James Weidner served up a true show stopper with her emotional performance of "Burn“ from the musical Hamilton. 

Throughout the performances, our amazing jury gave the contestants feedback for their acts. A big thank you to Nataly Loumba (professional dancer and Webster Vienna staff), Kim Cooper (jazz singer and song-writer), Daniel Kremsner (vocalist of "Psycho Village" and Webster Vienna alum) and Antonija Pacek (contemporary composer and Webster Vienna alum), who took the time to be our judges for the night!

Finally, the jury and public votes were counted to reveal this year’s winner because as we all know: only one can become Webster’s Got Talent 2018…or so we thought. The evening took an unexpected turn as two contestants had the exact same scores: Daisy James-Weidner (vocals) and Alexis Edwards (hoola hoop) took the first place while Fermi Austrianto came close behind as the runner-up. Due to her study-abroad ending in two weeks, Alexis won't be able to compete in the European Championships, but fellow winner Daisy and runner-up Fermi will have their chance to represent the Vienna Campus.

We can’t wait to see them competing in the European Championship on April 14th in Vienna and wish them all the best luck!

A special thanks to Ellen Faye Adams and Jesse Alexander, who elegantly hosted the show, and to our volunteers, photographers and videographers who helped make the evening a success.

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