2019 Elizabeth Chopin Visiting Professorship - Iver Neumann

Feb. 12, 2019

2019 Elizabeth Chopin Visiting Professorship - Iver Neumann

Webster Vienna Private University, through the Elizabeth Chopin Visiting Professorship has the privilege to host Prof. Iver Neumann in Spring 2019.

Iver Neumann, D. Phil. (Oxon, Politics), Dr. Philos. (Oslo, Anthropology) is Director of Norwegian Social Research and Adjunct Professor at the Museum of Cultural History, Oslo University.

He was Montague Burton Professor of International Relations at the London School of Economics 2012-2017, Director of Research of the Norwegian Institute of International Affairs 2009-2011 and Professor of Russian Studies at Oslo University 2006-2008. His latest books are The Steppe Tradition in International Relations, 4000 BCE—2018 AD (Cambridge University Press) and Concepts of International Relations (University of Michigan Press).

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