Putting Theory into Practice: Webster Alumnus Guides the Next Generation

May. 22, 2019

Putting Theory into Practice: Webster Alumnus Guides the Next Generation

Webster Vienna MBA Graduate Jovana Djuric returned to WVPU to discuss her present role at Indiekett, where she is implementing a Quality Management System, and explained how the theoretical knowledge obtained at Webster has been invaluable in her new professional environment. 

On 17 April 2019, MBA Graduate Ms. Jovana Djuric was invited back to Webster Vienna to give a guest lecture on the topic of Change Management in practice, as part of the Issues in Management elective. Having graduated from WVPU in 2018, Jovana has begun working as a Quality Manager at Indiekett, responsible for implementing the Quality Management System (QMS), and is thus perfectly qualified to display how Webster students can apply their academic knowledge in a business environment. These alumni guest lectures also serve as an opportunity to give students first-hand advice about finding a job and promoting themselves on the Austrian labour market.

The MBA study at WVPU offered Jovana numerous courses which developed a theoretical background, which she has since applied in practice. One such course was Organizational Behavior, which gives an introduction to the basic principles of human behavior and emphasizes two crucial topics for developing in this field: organizational change and stress management. The Operations and Project Management course, on the other hand, adopts a more technical approach, using data modelling and charting to evaluate the quality performance of ongoing production processes.

Finally, the team project Jovana undertook during the MBA helped her to better understand group behavior and dynamics through engaging in critical thinking. On top of all this, the research support for academic papers and presentations throughout the program was essential for Jovana to apply the knowledge of the basic concepts to her current role introducing the QMS.

Quality management is a central focus of every company, as it defines how an organization can satisfy its customers, while also generating benefits through improved company regulations and structures, which naturally leads to efficiency improvements. However, various company transformations create the need for change management, which can create issues of its own: uncertainty, job insecurity, lack of time to adjust to new tasks, to name just a few.

These factors may create resistance to the unknown or the feeling that the QMS is a burden amongst employees. Thus companies must act to prevent these problems, through better communication and training, understanding employee issues and explaining the reasoning behind the improvements.

The QMS interventions can thus be summarized by the motto: “Do less, better”. The theoretical experience Jovana gained as an MBA student at Webster Vienna have allowed her to put this motto into practice.


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