Research Seminar by Dr Workie

Dec. 5, 2019

Research Seminar by Dr Workie

On Monday, December 2nd, Webster Vienna's business and management department faculty and graduate students in the MSc in Finance program were treated to a presentation by Dr. Menbere Workie about his current scholarship. The research seminar, entitled "Do Illicit Financial Flows Harm Economic Growth in Europe?“, delved into the magnitude and knock-on effects of illicit financial flows.

Dr. Workie shared that his preliminary results suggest such flows, often associated with the developing world, have become a worldwide concern, partially due to the increasing mobility of goods, services, and capital.

The seminar also touched on the Panama and Paradise Papers, the scope of which reveals the relative size and sophistication of such illicit financial flows in advanced economies. it concluded with questions from the audience and a robust discussion about the topic, including how it relates to other faculty members’ research. 



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