Summer Defense Presentations in Business & Management

Jul. 26, 2019

Summer Defense Presentations in Business & Management
Ms. Katharina Vodrazka, MBA with supervisor Dr. Maria Madlberger

Above: Ms. Katharina Vodrazka, MBA with supervisor and Professor of Marketing, Dr. Maria Madlberger.

Just because courses have ended for the summer doesn't mean that everything has come to a stop here at Palais Wenkheim.

On Wednesday, July 24th two business and management department graduate students defended their master’s theses. Ms. Debora Koleva, of Bulgaria, presented her thesis about the dynamics of destination image and experience, using the Bulgarian resort town of Sunny Beach as a case study. Ms. Katharina Vodrazka explored how social media ad content affects user engagement on Facebook.

Both students did an exceptional job. Department Head Dr. Nikolaos Antonakakis congratulated them both for “their excellent and thorough work.” Dr. Maria Madlberger, who supervised both theses, was equally pleased. “Both of you gave very well-paced and articulate defense presentations and the theses themselves are well-written,” she told Debora and Katharina.

We wish our graduates all the best in their future endeavors, and we welcome them as the latest to join the ever-growing club of Webster Vienna Private University alumni.

All graduate students at WVPU give a defense presentation as the culmination of their studies here at Palais Wenkheim. It’s an opportunity to share the fruits of their labor with those in the department who have not been involved with their research project, including fellow students, who are encouraged to attend.

Debora Kolvena, MSC

Above: Newly-minted Ms. Debora Koleva, MSc with supervisor and Professor of Marketing, Dr. Maria Madlberger.

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