Webster Vienna Private University to Launch Competitive Strategic Communication Bachelors Program in Fall 2020

Sep. 16, 2019

Webster Vienna Private University to Launch Competitive Strategic Communication Bachelors Program in Fall 2020
Webster Vienna Private University to Launch Competitive Strategic Communication Bachelors Program in Fall 2020

The unique program will be taught in English by top communications professionals, with special focus on workforce preparation

Beginning fall 2019, current and future students of Webster Vienna Private University will be able to apply for a Bachelor of Arts in Strategic Communication, the only one of its kind in Austria, and begin the program in fall 2020. The degree program will be offered as part of the Media Communications department at Webster Vienna and will emphasize workforce readiness skills, necessary for leadership positions in global settings within advertising, public relations, corporate communications and more. 

“We are proud to launch a program that teaches public relations in an innovative and effective format, combining knowledge-management problem-solving, negotiation and many other skill- sets necessary for the global communications professional,” said Prof. Dr. Johannes Pollak, Director of Webster Vienna Private University.

Graduates will use strategic writing and message creation, research, audience analysis, persuasion, and new/social media skills as they undertake careers in nearly any industry in which organizations have a need to create communication strategies to serve their constituents. The Strategic Communication (BA) degree program emphasizes the communicative practices within and among organizations and their constituencies.

“We have truly created a program that is unparalleled in Austria, working with local and international professionals, the roster of professors, combined with their experience and knowledge, will help graduates to step into any organization as confident communications professionals,” said Dr. Bradley Wiggins, the Associate Professor and Department Head of Media Communications at Webster Vienna.

In addition to courses, students complete a required thesis prior to the completion of the program. “It is impossible to execute a strategy without the affordances of a deep and practical understanding of communication. With daily approximates of nearly 4 billion active Internet users, over 108 billion emails sent, two billion Google searches, and over 305 million tweets, the current era of our information society is deeply nuanced by the push and pull on an individual’s attention. Indeed, communication as a social act pervades offline as well as online interactions,” said Dr. Wiggins. Graduates can expect to work in organizational and corporate communication, promotional campaigns, public relations, media consultation, digital messaging, social media, and more.

The program received accreditation from the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria (AQ Austria) in July 2019. To learn more about this and other programs at Webster Vienna, please visit our website.

Read the full press release in English and German language.


About Webster Vienna: Webster Vienna Private University is situated in the beautiful Palais Wenkheim in the heart of Vienna, Austria. The University is a division of Webster St. Louis, opened in 1981 and is accredited both in Austria and the USA. Webster Vienna focuses on excellence in teaching, the joining of theory and practice, small class sizes, and educating students to be lifelong independent learners prepared to participate in increasingly international society. Webster Vienna offers competitive bachelors and masters programs in international relations, media communications, psychology, and business; as well as an executive education program for working professionals. With a strong alumni base, Webster Vienna educates future global leaders. For more information, visit our website, or find us on Instagram, @webster_vienna.

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