Athens Hosts Conference on Azerbaijan's History and Fight for Independence

Jan. 28, 2020

Athens Hosts Conference on the Azerbaijan's History and Fight for Independence

The Embassy of the Republic of Azerbaijan in cooperation with Webster University Athens held a conference devoted to the 30th anniversary of the violent assault on the civilian population in Baku by Soviet troops in 1990 that helped to move the country to their independence.

The program included various presentations in the fields of history, culture, economy. The conference speakers explored the political developments of the country, it's technology and education as well as the valuable contributions made by Azerbaijan within the last 30 years.

Among the participants were the ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to Greece, Anar Huseynov, Senior Defense Analyst Athanasios Drougos, Expert at ELISME Dr. E. Venetis as well as scholars from various Greek universities.

Webster Athens was represented by panel moderator Peggy Manouka, the Director for Admissions, and Sousana Michailidis, Vice Rector for Academic Affairs, who presented the paper on “Azerbaijan Through Modern Changes," which explored the long history of Azerbaijan's statehood.

"Black January"

Michailidis' presentation discussed the loosened grip of the Soviet's on various republics in the 1980s and how that led to Azeris fight for independence. Between Jan. 19-20, 1990, Soviet troops invaded Baku, the nation's capital, and began shooting peaceful protestors without warning. This heinous act moved citizens to reagin their independence, which was restored following a vote on August 30, 1991. The so-called Land of Fire was free from external powers and remains so to the present day.

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