Webster World Report Podcast 7: Voices from Tashkent to St. Louis with Dankert, Johnson, Wallner

May. 15, 2020

 Webster World Report Podcast 7: Dankert, Johnson, Wallner
Dean Tony Wallner during the virtual 2020 Commencement ceremony

On the seventh edition of the Webster World Report, our weekly discussion to link Webster University’s global operations, we hear in-depth interviews from Tashkent and St. Louis.

This program features an interview with nursing student Charlie Johnson of Webster’s College of Arts & Sciences who works on the front lines in the pandemic with patients suffering from COVID-19.

The program also features interviews with Dean Anton (Tony) Wallner of the College of Arts & Sciences, and Maggie Dankert, the assistant director of Webster University Tashkent.

The news segment of the program features Nicole Miller-Struttmann, the Laurance L. Browning Endowed Professor in Biological Sciences, discussing her new bee census project called ShutterBee, and the program also features a short excerpt from the virtual Commencement speech given by Vladimir Ivkovic '99 of Harvard and Massachusetts General Hospital.

Listen to episode 7 on SoundCloud here.

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