Webster World Report on Classroom Engagement and Online Learning

Nov. 6, 2020

Julie Smith

The 15th edition of the Webster World Report, the discussion linking Webster University’s global operations during this year of crises, features a deep dive into the philosophy of teaching.

The program includes Julie Smith of the School of Communications discussing her new book, Wake Them Up: Supercharge Your Classroom Engagement. The program also features the second part of an in-depth discussion with Associate Vice President Michelle Loyet, the director of the Online Learning Center (OLC) on the philosophical approaches to creating and teaching online courses, a topic that has gained even more importance during the pandemic.

The news segment of the program includes: excerpts from a panel on U.S. politics that featured Professor Gwyneth Williams; coverage of the School of Communications’ conference on health communications; highlights from the “Webster Speaks” video series from October; and more.

Listen to this episode on SoundCloud.

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