Webster World Report on Election Aftermath, 'Anti-Racist' Discussion Excerpts

Nov. 20, 2020

Webster World Report on Upcoming Election, Women of the Diaspora SummitThe 16th edition of the Webster World Report, the discussion linking Webster University’s global operations during this year of crises, features in-depth discussions with faculty experts and a student about how they see the presidential election in the United States and what they think of the aftermath.

This special hour-long version of the program features a panel discussion with Professors Gwyneth Williams and Bill Hall analyzing the election and giving a forecast of what is likely ahead. The program also includes an interview with Suggs Scholar Tekoa Bell.

The news segment of the program includes excerpts from the recent Webster Speaks program entitled “My Journey Toward Becoming an Anti-Racist,” which included Rob Good, a facilitator in the Witnessing Whiteness program and Hannah Verity, the director of global program development at Webster University, and more.

Listen to this episode on SoundCloud.

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