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Webster Ghana Goes Green

February 20, 2020

Kicking off a Webster Goes Green initiative, in an attempt to reduce the carbon footprint of the campus, Webster Ghana undertook various conservation practices, leading up to their first Public Lecture of the year, focused on the environment. Feb. 1-7 was designated as Eco Week with a number of recycling, reducing and reusing activities taking place on campus, heightened by a competition element for maximum student involvement.

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Sheetal Shah Named Academic Director at Webster Leiden Campus

February 13, 2020

Sheetal Shah has been appointed as the new academic director of Webster Leiden Campus. Having been head of the department of behavioral and social sciences since 2013, Shah took on this role as of Jan. 1. Shah is a psychologist, specializing in the field of counseling for chronic illnesses and trauma; her research interests are focused in the area of modern-day slavery and human trafficking

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Vienna Students Win Top Awards at Warwick Economics Summit

February 10, 2020

Webster Vienna students are celebrating after claiming two out of a possible three awards at the Warwick Economics Summit 2020. Last week, the 2020 Summit welcomed Webster Vienna’s delegation of 14 students, who joined over 500 other student delegates representing 63 countries and 43 universities worldwide, for a weekend of lectures, debates, and student-led seminars.

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Webster Ghana Masterclass Sparks Interest in Pursuing Made-in-Ghana Business Ventures

February 07, 2020

The Webster Ghana Business Masterclass was encouraged to looking at the loopholes in the Ghanaian agribusiness and packaged goods industries. Where local Ghanaian food producers continue to be at a disadvantage in poor business practices, the Ghana business masterclass created the theme “Homegrown: Establishing Market Success for Local Foods and Made-in-Ghana Products.”

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Webster University Chancellor Elizabeth (Beth) J. Stroble

Chancellor Stroble: We must innovate to advance success for students' diverse needs

February 05, 2020

Chancellor Beth Stroble highlighted two Webster University initiatives to illustrate her chapter in the President to President thought leadership series. The chapter notes that "no single solution" can address the dynamics of how we educate, whom we educate, for what purpose, and with what value. Webster's TAP program and the Online Learning Center's quality improvement initiative are two examples of assessing and meeting the "twin needs of access and success" for a diverse and dynamically changing student population.

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