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Toyoshi Satow

Webster Remembers Toyoshi Satow, J.F. Oberlin Chancellor and IAUP Chair

October 23, 2020

Webster University is saddened to learn of the passing of Toyoshi Satow, chancellor of Webster’s partner J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo, Japan, and past president and chair of the board of the International Associate of University Presidents (IAUP). Satow’s belief in the role of global education to make a difference helped make Webster University and J.F. Oberlin natural partners for study abroad and exchange. In his leadership roles at IAUP, he brought together university leaders from around the world to facilitate and enhance global higher education.

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Jennifer Moiles

LERRN Project Supports Refugees Pursuing Education at Webster Athens

October 21, 2020

Since January 2018, Webster Athens has partnered with the Love Elevates Refugee Relief Network (LERRN) to make higher education more accessible to students who are refugees. The program has sponsored 18 students at Webster’s Athens, encompassing 234 credit hours, while the first student in the program graduated with an MBA in August 2020. This fall, the program has sponsored ten students, who are all on their way to earning their degree despite extraordinarily difficult life circumstances.

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Fischer hopes that all future students can study well despite their experience of the pandemic, because, as she says, their academic future will depend on it. However, she also hopes they can enjoy the camaraderie that Webster Vienna provides. “But do wear your masks!” she concludes.

Alumna reflects on support, opportunities at Webster Vienna

October 16, 2020

"Life is a struggle" might sound trite, but for 25-year-old Maleen Fischer, the struggle was life itself. When she was four years old, Fischer was diagnosed with a rare, incurable and often fatal lung disease called Pulmonary Hypertension. Today, she can boast that she is successfully fighting the disease, and also succeeded at Webster Vienna, where she graduated with bachelor’s degrees in Media Communications, Business Management and Economics before pursuing a master’s degree at Harvard University. "Webster made it possible for me to study safely and become an intricate part of the community," she said.

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Webster Athens Completes First Virtual Study Abroad Course

October 15, 2020

Webster Athens has successfully completed its first virtual study abroad course during Fall 1. Professor Stanley Sfekas engaged students in the Virtual Greek Mythology and Religion course through online class discussions and lectures, virtual tours of archaeological sites, museums and educational videos. The Greek Mythology and Religion course was already offered as part of the curriculum in Athens. Adding and modifying the Modern Greek Society and Culture course gave students this experience to virtually travel while staying at home. These courses allow students to learn about Greece’s historical past, which laid the foundations for Western civilization, culture, mythology, religion, philosophy, art, literature and political institutions.

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