2015 Webster Life News Articles


University to Promote ISB Opening, Eclipse Viewing at July 4 Parade; Call for Volunteers

June 08, 2017

Members of the Webster University community are invited to participate in the City of Webster Groves’ Community Days Parade Saturday, July 4. The University’s float this year will be a science-theme, with giveaway items that invite the community to two upcoming events on the home campus. Energetic walkers are needed to hand out small items to the crowd during the parade. Help is also needed on Monday, July 3, to prepare the more than 8,000 giveaway items for parade walkers.

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The Centennial Gala raised $1.2 million for the newly created Next Century Leaders Scholarship Fund -- the largest initial donation to an endowed scholarship fund in the University’s history.

Centennial Wrap-up: Webster University at 100

December 21, 2015

Webster University’s yearlong Centennial celebration has come to a close. Celebration of the institution’s historic milestone kicked off with a street party in downtown St. Louis in September 2014, which kicked off more than a year of events that engaged alumni, students, faculty, community partners and more, raising awareness of Webster and paving the path for its next century. See some of the sights, sounds and contributions from Webster's 100th year.

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Webster Vienna's soccer team organized

Soccer: Vienna Preps for Webster Euro Cup with Local Team Friendlies

December 17, 2015

In preparation for the upcoming Webster European Cup in April, Webster Vienna's football (soccer) club tested their mettle with friendly matches against local opponents. Two seven-man teams squared off on an unseasonably warm night against PROSA, a high school team consisting of asylum seekers, and the experienced squad of NAFA, a local African football academy.

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