6th Annual Ramadan Potluck Iftar and Dinner

Jul. 15, 2015

6th Annual Ramadan Potluck Iftar and Dinner
Traditional Iftar celebration dinner

All are invited to a social and multicultural celebration with Muslim faculty, staff and students at the 6th Annual Ramadan Potluck Iftar and Dinner Thursday, July 16 (Ramadan 29, 1436 AH), 8:25 - 10 p.m., in the Sunnen Lounge of the University Center.

All are welcome, but RSVP are required, as we can only seat up to 100 people. Please contact us if you are interested in preparing and sharing with us a traditional dish from your country. There are many ways to contribute to our potluck, from helping with setup and decorations, bringing fruit or drinks, cooking a halal dish to share, or helping us with clean up!

Please visit our RSVP form for a list of ways you can contribute and for more information on the potluck menu, prayer times, information about the month of Ramadan and much more. 

See the event listing on the University Calendar here.

Summer Evening Courses

Special note to professors with summer night classes: If you have students who are observing Ramadan, please consider the timing of your breaks during the evening classes. Students are able to break their fast at sundown, so allowing them to quietly step out to have a drink or bite to eat — or simply scheduling your break close to sundown — would be very helpful to them.

Submitted by Bethany Keller, MCISA assistant director; Elvir Mandzukic, faculty development coordinator, School of Education; and Carolyn Trachtova, ESL coordinator

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