New CD featuring Webster University Chamber Singers

Feb. 4, 2015

ST. LOUIS (FEB. 4, 2015) - We are delighted to announce the new Webster University Chamber Singers CD release entitled Beginnings.

So many colleges and universities use this kind of sampler CD as an awareness, publicity and recruiting tool, thinking that providing a free gift of music is a wonderful way to raised friends.  Using recorded tracks from the last two school years, we have put together a sample of our Chamber Singers in performance.  The CD features a wealth of styles and eras recorded in five different venues.

Dr. Trent Patterson, Director of Choral Studies and Music Education, conceived of this project, and raised the funds necessary for its successful completion. Under Patterson’s leadership, the choral area is a shining star in the Department of Music.  Colleagues around the country are noting the substantive growth over the last five years, and also the Chamber Singers’ presence and visibility. 

We are also delighted that this CD features Martha J. Hart, Assistant Professor of Music, as alto soloist in In the Beginning by Aaron Copland.  This work was the centerpiece of our performance one year ago at Missouri Music Educators Association.  We also performed last year by invitation at the regional convention of the American Choral Directors Association.

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