Career Planning and Development Center Hosts Complete St. Louis

Mar. 22, 2016

Career Planning Hosts Complete St. Louis
Complete St. Louis

Recruiters from Complete St. Louis visited campus to spread the word about DJ, photography, and videography opportunities. Many students have taken advantage of the flexible hours and great pay from the freelance opportunities while gaining valuable experience before graduation.

"When I was a DJ in college, it was one of the best jobs I had," said Jim Singer. Student Media coordinator, Galaxy Radio, and adjunct professor, School of Communications. "Fun work on the weekends and great pay!”  

“Complete St. Louis, has helped many of our students majoring in photography, video, and audio production gain valuable experience before graduation, while preparing for life after Webster.” Trezette Dixon, assistant director, Employer Relations, Career Planning & Development Center

To find out more information on all opportunities, contact Scott Bernstein, operations director at Complete St. Louis,, 314-991-5656. 

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