Snapshot: Career Planning and Development Hosts Marygrove on Campus

Apr. 21, 2016

Snapshot: Marygrove Recruiting Webster Students

Marygrove representative Mari Carter visited Webster University’s home campus on Tuesday, April 19, seeking students and alumni to join their growing team. Marygrove is one of the largest therapeutic residential treatment programs in Missouri.

As part of the on-campus recruiting services offered by Webster's Career Planning and Development Center, Marygrove came to Webster to recruit candidates for full, part-time and on-call positions including immediate openings as residential technicians and recreational summer aids. Marygrove serves as a new beginning for the 150 children and young adults served each day. 

In addition to job opportunities, volunteers are key to the success of Marygrove. “I was so excited to learn about the variety of opportunities Marygrove offers for our students who want to start a career or just give back to those who are most in need," said Trezette Dixon, assistant director, Employer Relations, Career Planning and Development Center.

"One of the volunteer opportunities is a dance instructor. That’s just one of the opportunities that align with the interests and talents of our students.”
To find out more about the organization, contact, Sharon Richardson, director of human resources, or 314-830-6290, visit

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