Follett Now Single-Provider for Textbooks at Webster U.S. Locations

Mar. 10, 2016

Follett Now Single-Provider for Textbooks at Webster U.S. Locations

The University has negotiated an agreement with Follett and consolidated all the text book business under this single provider. Follett remains the operator of the bookstore on the Webster Groves campus and effective immediately they will assume responsibility for all the Online Learning classes and for both extended Metro and Military campuses. The change will have little affect for students on the main campus.

Online Learning has already started working with Follett to meet their student's text book requirements. Plans for addressing the needs of our students at the Metro and Military sites are in the final stages and will distributed early next week.

Working with a single provider for text books across the entire university aides in assuring adequate inventory levels to meet student requirements. This also helps to eliminate some of the confusion students have regarding where to obtain their books.

Additional information will be forthcoming. Questions regarding this agreement should be directed to Ken Creehan, director of process improvement (314-246-6969), or Maria Hein, director of procurement services (314-246-7546).

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