Dining Services Customer Satisfaction Survey, Drawing

Nov. 6, 2017

Complete Dining Services Customer Satisfaction Surveys Nov. 6 - 10
Along with receiving a beverage coupon, particpants have the opportunity to enter a drawing for a chance to win a iPad.

During lunch and dinner meal periods Nov. 6 -10, customers will have the opportunity to complete a customer satisfaction survey about each dining services unit on campus, including Marletto’s Marketplace, the Library Café, Simply-to-Go in the East Academic Building, and Crossroads in the University Center featuring WOW, Freshens, and Far East Fusion.

Those who complete a survey will receive a beverage coupon and have an opportunity to enter a drawing for a free iPad. Each survey is specific to the dining unit where the survey is distributed. So, survey respondents may take the survey more than once, for example if they use Marletto’s one day and the Library Café on another day.

 Feedback is very important to the university and dining services. Survey results from a previous year led to the renovation of Marletto’s, the replacement of Sandella’s with Far East Fusion, the return of sushi, and changes in the meal plan.

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