Staff: Completed Your Degree? HR Accepting Request for Award Forms from Webster through May 20

Apr. 26, 2017

Completed Your Degree? HR Accepting Request for Award Forms through May 20

Human Resources is accepting Request for Award Completion of Degree forms through May 20, 2017.

Full-time non-academic staff in the United States who complete a degree from Webster University or from any other accredited institution of higher education will be granted a cash award of $500 for an associate’s degree, $1000 for a bachelor’s degree, $1500 for a master’s degree and $2000 for a doctorate degree. Payments are one-half this amount if previous awards have been received. 

Degrees must be completed while employed full-time at the University and the employee must be actively at work at the University when the payments are made. To receive the award this year, please complete the degree bonus form available here and return to Human Resources with appropriate signatures by May 20. Please see the guidelines available online for additional information.

The award will be made at the beginning of the new fiscal year following receipt of the degree. Payments are included with the second paycheck in June.

Please direct any questions to Cecelia Casey at (314) 246-7580 or

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