Webster IT Password Protection Reminder

Mar. 23, 2017

Webster IT Password Protection Reminder

For the purpose of assisting users with their responsibility of protecting their passwords to Webster University systems, please see below, which is excerpted from Webster’s Password Policy:  

Users may never share their passwords with anyone else in the University, including co-workers, managers, administrative assistants, IT staff members, etc.

Everyone who needs access to a system will be given their own unique password. 

NOTE: When troubleshooting a problem with certain technology services (Connections and WorldClassRoom), the Webster IT Service Desk may ask you for your password, during your inquiry over the phone, in order to try to replicate your issue. You always have the option say no, but the Service Desk may not be able to assist you if you refuse. If you do give the Service Desk your password, you always have the option of changing it immediately after. No passwords are ever saved, but are immediately shredded.  

  • Users may never share their passwords with any outside parties, including those claiming to be representatives of a business partner with a legitimate need to access a system. If in doubt, check with your supervisor. 
  • Users should take steps to avoid phishing scams and other attempts by hackers to steal passwords and other sensitive information.  
  • Users must refrain from writing passwords down and keeping them at their workstations. 
  • Users may not use password managers or other tools to help store and remember passwords without IT’s permission. 
  • Passwords should never be transmitted electronically over the unprotected Internet, such as via email.  (*Please note:  The initial, temporary password will be sent via personal email to users going forward, but users will be required to change the initial password immediately).  

Please see the full Password Policy by clicking here

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