Webster University Launches New Online Media Experts Guide

Feb. 15, 2017

Webster University Launches New Online Media Experts Guide

The public relations office in Webster University's Global Marketing & Communications is launching a new online media experts guide to assist members of the media in finding experts they can interview on a variety of subjects.

The expertise and hands-on experience of Webster University’s faculty is a tremendous asset to our students but is also of value to journalists. Webster University receives a mention in more than 7,000 articles or broadcast segments each year globally. A large percentage of these mentions result from interviews that faculty have done with news outlets on their areas of study. The online media guide will allow journalists to more easily search keywords to find the professors who can help them with their news stories. These interviews will promote the University’s reputation for academic excellence.

By going to experts.webster.edu, journalists can search through members of Webster’s faculty to help find someone with an area of expertise that best fits their story. The site is launching with 40 faculty members representing all of the schools and colleges on campus. As the guide is a tool for media, it is based on a keyword search. Members of the media will use keywords to search for areas of expertise that faculty members have included in their profiles but they can also search by name if they are looking for a specific professor.

Webster University professors can also be found on the vendor’s main search page, expertisefinder.com, along with experts from other universities.

Any professors interested in being included in the media experts site can contact Jennifer Starkey at 314-246-6954 or jenstarkey@webster.edu.

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