Ocala Campus Hosted Women in Leadership Conference

Dec. 4, 2017

Ocala Campus Hosted Women in Leadership Conference
Members of the Webster Ocala community gathered for the Women in Leadership Conference hosted on Nov. 10

Webster University Ocala held a Women in Leadership Conference on campus on Nov. 10. More than 35 female professionals from the community joined together for the free event.

The development conference included topics such as Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace, Work/Life Balance, and Marketing Yourself. It was organized by members of the Webster Ocala campus and featured a diverse range of speakers including:

    • Melanie Pigott, LMHC, Webster alumna and local guidance counselor
    • Katherine Vega, department representative
    • Nicki Nance, counseling faculty
    • A.J Marsden, Beacon College faculty member
    • Michael Fallon, campus director
    • Jessica Conroy, LMHC, Webster alumna, counseling faculty, counseling advisor

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