New Top 20 Student Country Flags Fly High at Home Campus

May. 11, 2017

New Top 20 Student Country Flag Fly at Home Campus
Removal and installation of the flags requires use of a bucket truck.

As the home campus of Webster University prepares for guests for Commencement on May 12, the country flags in front of Webster Hall were replaced on Saturday, May 6.

The flags represent the current top 20 native countries of Webster’s students around the globe. New to this year’s lists are the countries Greece, Pakistan and Vietnam.

Following accepted protocol, the country flags are flown in alphabetical order from east (near Loretto Hall) to west (near Plymouth Ave.): Albania, Austria, Bhutan, Bosnia-Heregovina, China, France, Germany, Greece, India, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Nepal, the Netherlands, Pakistan, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Switzerland, Thailand, Ukraine and Vietnam.

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