Wellness NO-vember Impact: Reflections, survey results, drawing winners  

Dec. 11, 2017

Wellness NO-vember Impact: Reflections and Drawing Winners  
NO-vember encourages participants to try and say, “no” to bad habits.

During the Webster Wellness' NO-vember initiative, participants received a success tracking survey via email.

In the final NO-vember survey, 100 percent of participants said they were at least somewhat successful in reaching their goals and 30 percent felt that they were definitely successful.

Healthy habits included running a 5K, tracking food intake with a mobile app, delegating duties, putting cell phones down at a certain time each night, and keeping a gratitude log.

Each week, participants were asked to list their biggest success.  Below is a sampling of what some participants shared with us, reflecting a range of personal wellness activities.

A few comments from participants:

  • "I lost 2 pounds, I look better, and I feel better!" 
  • "I didn't eat any Halloween candy!"
  • "I decreased my mile time."
  • "I've stayed optimistic during tough times and I'm ahead on my homework."
  • "No Starbucks this week!"
  • "I do not feel rushed or anxious."
  • "I lost weight -- even during Thanksgiving week."
  • "I woke up without my alarm clock."
  • "I walked away from a difficult situation."
  • "Putting myself first."

Prize Drawings, Winners

Webster Welllness purchased a variety of prizes to award the Webster community for its dedication to NO-vember. Participants were entered in a drawing each time they completed a success tracking survey.  Therefore, some participants were entered four times. Winners were drawn on Dec. 1.

Congratulations to those who won a prize and to everyone who worked towards their wellness!

Drawing winners:

  • Cheryl Kennedy – Webster University Cold Towel
  • Robyn Kriesel - Webster University Cold Towel
  • Maureen Weil - Webster University Cold Towel
  • Collette Cummings – Farkle Dice Game
  • Carmen Hall – Flavor Infuser Pitcher
  • Dawna Moore – Massage Therapy Roller
  • Tanya Seale – HoMedics SoundSpa 

Program Feedback

Overall, 100 percent of participants responding think that the Webster Wellness Committee should offer NO-vember again next year. Participants suggested that the committee share more information about what others’ goals are, have a kickoff event, create teams, make the initiative longer, add webinars, and provide more frequent reminders.

Webster Wellness will take all of this into account and hopes to host an even better NO-vember in 2018.

About NO-vember

Webster Wellness recently launched NO-vember to help students, faculty and staff  to be more mindful of their wellness. NO-vember encourages participants to try and say, “no” to bad habits in one or more categories of wellness, such as physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, occupational, and social. During NO-vember participants set personal, realistic goals and track their progress over a four-week period. They can focus on anything from smoking less to changing a negative attitude.

To learn more about Webster Wellness, visit its blog. Watch for upcoming features about some of the NO-vember participants.

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