Webster Hosts World Quest Academic Competition

Dec. 5, 2017

Webster Hosts World Quest Academic Competition 

The 16th Annual Academic “World Quest” competition was successfully held on Thursday, Nov. 30 at Webster University in the Luhr Building. The competition started with food and refreshments for players, coaches and guests. Information for visitors was provided by the Walker School of Business, Study Abroad office, the School of Communications, the School of Arts and Science and the world-famous Webster University Chess Club.

Two hundred people attended the event including players, advisors, parents and guests. Questions were developed and presented by the World Affairs Council. Topics were intended to challenge student’s knowledge and understanding of world-wide current events as well as political and economic information from around the globe.

World QuestDuring this three-hour competition, nearly 120 high school students from the St. Louis region answered questions about world affairs.

The competition included 28 local high schools from the St. Louis area. Webster Groves High School placed third, and Duchesne High School and Wentzville High School both tied for first place. The tie-breaker question was correctly answered by Wentzville High School, securing their first place finish, with  Duchesne High School finishing second. The winners of the competition are invited to participate in the national WorldQuest competition in Washington, D.C.

The World Affairs Council of St. Louis is a non-profit, membership funded organization pursuing global awareness in St. Louis. Since its founding in 1948, the Council has been responsible for sponsoring community events that include Ambassador Forums, topical panels and seminars and academic roundtables. Its mission is to sponsor programs that increase St. Louis community awareness of international people, cultures, and businesses.

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