Destination: WELLNESS Results 2018

May. 2, 2018

Destination: WELLNESS Results 2018
Thank you to all 35 participants

We received a great response for Destination: WELLNESS 2018! 

Thirty-five participants took the challenge to Improve Your Move and competed against each other by having numerous sessions of healthy exercises including walking, running, biking or other types. 556 total sessions were completed, at an average 15 sessions per person or nearly 4 sessions per week.  

Participants recorded a total of 26,647 minutes during their sessions, which is an average of 740 minutes per person or 185 minutes per person each week, exceeding expectations.

We also enjoyed an event each week — thank you to President Beth Stroble for being our WELLNESS Champion for 2018 and leading a successful Champion walk.

Keep moving and improving!

Congratulations Participants

Top 3 individuals with the most number of sessions were,

  • Erica Ellard, ARC – 54 sessions
  • Sarah Nandor, Graduate Admissions – 39 sessions
  • Heather Arora, Special Events – 38 sessions

Top 3 individuals to stand out in our TRY-Athlon were,

  • Maggie Dankert, International Admissions – 53:06
  • Kate Pitman, Online Learning Center – 64:25.27
  • Karen Wakeland, Online Learning Center – 73:09.28

Top team to stand out in TRY-Athlon was, The Ol’ College Try – 52:45

  • Members: Sarah Nandor, Graduate Admissions; Jennifer McQuay, Admissions; Craig Skinner, Academic Advising

Raffle Winners:

  • Kathryn Luster – Weight dumbbells
  • Heather Arora – Exercise ball
  • Teara Lander – $15 Amazon gift selection
  • Vicki Coopmans – $15 Amazon gift selection
  • Jennifer Andonoff – $25 Visa card
  • Erica Ellard – $30 Amazon gift selection
  • Kelsey Bourne – $50 Amazon gift selection

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