New Wireless Network Launching Jan. 30

Jan. 25, 2018

New Wireless Network Launching Jan. 30
Webster has a new wireless network beginning Jan. 30

Updated Jan. 29, 2018:

We have created some instructions on how to connect your Windows, Mac, Android or iOS device to this new network. Those instructions and more information can be found at

Beginning Tuesday, Jan. 30, there will be a new wireless network at Webster. This new network is called WU_Wireless and is slated to replace the current Webster wi-fi network.

To give people time to transition to the new network both the current webster-wifi and the new WU_Wireless will be available until April 27, when we will transition fully to the new network, turning off webster-wifi. WU_Wirelsss will be available anywhere Webster-wifi is currently broadcast including most US extended sites.

The new WU_Wireless network is a secure network utilizing 802.1x authentication. Besides offering better security, some of the other benefits include a one-time login per device, no more web authentication (splash screen), which means you do not have to re-authenticate when you arrive on campus or move between buildings.

We will also be expanding secure wireless access to more applications, such as printing for Faculty and Staff.

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