IT Service Desk Offers New Guest Wi-Fi Method

Nov. 4, 2019

 IT Service Desk Offers New Guest Wifi

Webster University Information Technology is pleased to announce a new streamlined method for university guests to access the guest wireless network.

Guests can now self-register for immediate access to the guest network (WU_Guest) for up to eight hours without having to contact the IT Service Desk or know a registration code. The self-registration process should take only moments to complete, and guests can easily re-register for access after the eight hours expire if needed.

If coordinating an event where guest wireless access is needed for a large number of people at once, guests can still contact the IT Service Desk to request a username and password dedicated to the event that the host can distribute to the guests.

Information about connecting to the WU_Guest network can be found at

Please note, all Webster students, faculty and staff should use the WU_Wireless network and not the WU_Guest network.

This initiative supports Information Technology’s commitment to making technology services accessible and efficient while also maintaining the security of our network and resources. For further questions, please direct them to the IT Service Desk at

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