Preferred Name Policy and Procedures Implemented; Submit by Aug. 16 for Fall Term

Aug. 9, 2019

Preferred Name Policy and Procedures Implemented
Students wishing to establish a preferred name in time for the fall term should submit a request by Aug. 16.

Webster University is committed to creating and maintaining an inclusive environment to meet the needs of our students. The University recognizes individuals may use a preferred first name that differs from the name assigned at birth or included on legal or official governmental records and documentation.

Accordingly, beginning in the 2019-20 academic year the University is implementing a policy and procedures enabling students to designate a preferred first name on internal University-based systems.

This change was approved by Administrative Council after a deliberative process involving several offices across campus and benchmarking other institutions.

Students wanting to establish a preferred name should complete the Preferred Name Form in its entirety, by Aug. 16 in order to be implemented for the Fall 2019 term. Incomplete forms will not be reviewed. A link to the form will also be accessible via Connections.

The Office of the Registrar reviews requests submitted by students. The University will not fulfill requests to establish a preferred first name in certain limited circumstances, including but not limited to: requests intended to misrepresent the person; requests determined to be vulgar, offensive, or obscene; requests that would cause confusion with the identity of another person; requests determined to be an abuse or misuse of this policy.

Additional changes for this policy will go into effect for employees, to be announced later this fall.

For additional information, please review the Webster University Preferred Name Policy [PDF] or contact Vincent C. Flewellen, Webster’s chief diversity officer.

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