Snapshots: Gateway Veterans Higher Education Collaborative at Webster

Mar. 10, 2020


The Gateway Veterans Higher Education Collaborative met on Feb. 28 in the East Academic Building. This was the third event of its kind and the first to be hosted at Webster University.

Over 50 people representing over 25 St. Louis-area schools and organizations attended the event, which focused on improving ways to serve student veterans, such as community based resources to helping veterans maximize their benefits and time on campus.

The event was sponsored by the Zola Initiative and Veterans Affairs Vet Success on Campus (VSOC) Counselor Jason Blakemore. The event is coordinated by Jen Goetz of Washington University.

Gateway Veterans CollabThe Gateway Veterans Higher Education Collaborative at Webster University on Feb. 28.

The goal of the Gateway Veterans Higher Education Collaborative is to better coordinate veteran and military resources among St. Louis area schools. Working together to overcome challenges and developing best practices for our men and women in uniform.

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