No More: Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault

Mar. 3, 2020

No More: Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault

The Title IX Office will be posting “NO MORE” posters around campus for the month of March to bring awareness to the community about sexual abuse, sexual violence, and relationship violence.

NO MORE’s seventh annual NO MORE Week is March 8-14. The goal of the campaign is to inspire everyone to make change and foster a culture of safety, equality, and respect in every community.

You can find out more about the campaign at their website, There you can find campaign locations and materials as well as resources for support.


The NO MORE campaign is based around the values of unity, collaboration, impact, inclusion, innovation and transparency. They boast one of the largest coalitions of partner organizations working to end domestic violence and sexual assault through awareness, action and fueling change for a better tomorrow.

On scales large and small, NO MORE tries to promote their message and provide the resources needed to those seeking help. You can click here for a variety of resources both locally and nationally. There is also information available on the fliers around campus, like the one below.


no more flier


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