Adobe Flash Retirement December 2020

As a reminder, Adobe is ending support and updates for Adobe Flash Player, a browser-based plug-in for multimedia and interactive content, on Dec. 31, 2020. You may receive notices in your browser and on various web sites about this upcoming date. Some sites may require you to manually allow Flash to run to proceed depending on your web browser, however, this option will only be available through the end of December. It is the responsibility of individual web sites and software applications to remove the dependency on Adobe Flash to ensure no interruption of content delivery.

Webster University Information Technology has worked with our partners and colleagues to assess any systems and content currently dependent on Adobe Flash. The primary system that relied on Adobe Flash functionality was ADP, which the vendor successfully updated earlier this year to no longer require Flash to run. Information Technology will continue its final assessment over the next couple of weeks.

Read Adobe’s official announcement.

Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have also provided information about what this means for their products and their plans to support the Adobe Flash end-of-life transition, including removal from future updates if they have not already done so. That information can be found Specific updates and plans from Microsoft on the removal of Flash support and updates from their products are available.

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