Indonesian Ambassador Presents the Rich Mosaic of Indonesia to Webster Athens Students

Indonesian Ambassador to Greece

The Ambassador of Indonesia presented the cultural mosaic and the treasures of his country on the 24th of November during the Webster Athens virtual course on issues of culture, education and diplomacy. This innovative course has as main objective to provide students with a deep insight into different civilizations and cultures through lectures given by Embassy representatives, whose expertise and understanding of diplomacy and international relations is unrivaled.

Ambassador Ferry Adamhar, with the valuable contribution of Head of Social-Cultural Division, Kristina Natalia, gave Greek and international students and Peggy Manouka, coordinator of the course, the opportunity to understand the depth of Indonesian culture. “Culture is an important pillar for a nation; not only is it the key ingredient for a nation to grow strong, but it also gives a nation a sense of identity" Ambassador Adamhar stated. The Ambassador explained in depth cultures and religions prevailing in the Indonesian landscape, where character and spirit blend into all manifestations of life. And it is this unique diversity in the Indonesian character that the Ambassador pointed out: "Flowers in the same color are beautiful, but flowers in various colours are even more attractive and lively. Diversity is necessary for the world, that the world will be more colorful and lively”.

In discussing the relations of the Republics of Indonesia and Greece, Ambassador Adamhar stressed the significance of mutual understanding and shared ideals: “We share heritage,” he stated. “We are archipelago countries."

Also, the Ambassador referred to the impact of Alexander the Great, an impact, which led Janine, student of Greek-German origin, to observe the striking the similarity between Ancient Greek and folklore Indonesian masks.

Excited with the lecture, students made meaningful comments on the different aspects of the presentation. Omar from Egypt commented that the positive frame of Indonesian mind is obvious in body language. “The exposure of so many different countries fascinated me,” stated Greek student Dimitris while Elizaveta found the aspect of religion “similar to religious context” of her country, Kazakhstan. George from Greece found most interesting the “biodiversity of the country, the tiger of Sumatra, the Java rhino, and the Komodo dragon” and Amish from Somalia found it “interesting to hear that Greece was the first country to recognize the independence of Indonesia."

To Ignat, student from Russia with remote Greek roots, who wanted to learn more about the separation of Papua, the Ambassador explained the underlying complicated situation. To Marina from Russia who wanted to know what democracy is in real life for such a large country as Indonesia, the Ambassador answered that “there is free speech; 120 million people select their own leaders; all live in peace and harmony”.

Of particular interest was the observation of American students, William and Timothy, regarding Indonesian martial arts. Since they both trained in Pencak Silat in an athletic center in Athens, they were excited to see the connection with Indonesian culture. “When seeing the traditional garments and people practicing Pencak Silat, the famous martial art, during the presentation, I immediately became glued to the screen,” Timothy remarked.

Overall, Webster Athens students and professor, although of different backgrounds and fields, were all grateful for the unique experience of attending the lecture of Ambassador Adamhar, an excellent presenter who spοke from the heart. 

Ferry Adamhar has been Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia in the Hellenic Republic since 2017 and has a rich career in diplomacy, having represented his country in the world in multiple ways: as Ambassador of Indonesia in Kuwait, Consul General in Hong Kong, Director General for Legal Affairs and International Treaties, Director for the Protection of Indonesian Citizens and Legal Entities Abroad, Head of Section for Political Affairs, and Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations. He has also served as Chairperson in International Conferences and has promoted human rights issues in International Organizations. Ambassador Adamhar has received “Outstanding Award from Asian Group Legal Experts” and has a Master of Law from the University of California Berkeley School of Law.

Kristina Natalia has been Head of Social-Cultural Affairs and First Secretary of the Embassy since 2017 while she has been assigned at the Consulate General of Indonesia in Osaka, Japan, the Directorate of ASEAN Economic Cooperation, and the East Asia and Pacific Directorate. 

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