Jan Greenberg Interviewed for 'Art of Dale Chihuly'

Jan Greenberg, a Webster University alumna (MAT '73) and Visionary Award recipient, was recently interviewed on St. Louis Public Library on HEC-TV for her book, "World of Glass: The Art of Dale Chihuly."

The interview with Angie Weidinger covers Greenberg's writing -- she has penned 14 award-winning children's books -- as well as collaborating with Sandra Jordan, her co-author on many of her books on the arts. These works fill the need of introducing art to children at a young age.

In a recent interview Greenberg said, “We became fascinated by the stories they [artists] would tell us about their childhoods and they’re all as adults influenced by what they saw and what they did as young people.”

For 14 years, Greenberg wanted to share Chihuly's story with young readers in a nonfiction book. Chihuly is a renowned glass artist known for his vibrant and elaborate sculptures. In St. Louis, Missouri, several of Chihuly’s pieces can be viewed at the Missouri Botanical Garden both in and outdoors.

Watch a video of the interview here:

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