Alumni Spotlight: Ronny Rockenbauer, BA Management '94

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In celebration of Webster Vienna's 40th anniversary, we're catching up with alumni to hear about how their experience helped shape their careers, and any words of wisdom to share with today's students at Webster Vienna Private University.


Ronny Rockenbauer
Bachelor of Arts - Management, 1994
Pubbles Film GesmbH, CEO

Ronny Rockenbauer, CEO of Pubbles Film GesmbH, says his experience earning a BA in Management at Webster Vienna helped make him "a cosmopolitan person who thinks outside the box, recognizes possibilities, and also implements them." 

What made you choose Webster Vienna?

At the time, I was looking for an alternative way of studying, and  Webster Vienna seemed to be the best to be. International, open minded, full of opportunities, and outstanding teachers. 

What advice would you give to an incoming freshman? 

I can only advise every student to fully engage with the university, the teachers, and especially the internationals students. To inhale every bit of the Webster Vienna family, take all the opportunities, and try out everything that is offered.  

How did Webster Vienna prepare you for your career?

WVPU made me a cosmopolitan person who thinks outside the box, recognizes possibilities, and also implements them. 

How would you describe the campus atmosphere? Any fun facts you would share?

The atmosphere was great. Open, fun, and multicultural. I've had the time of my life. Now, having friends all over the world and I really learned a lot for life. My poker and table football skills in particular help me a lot today. 

Did you have a favourite course or teacher?

Charles Randolph was my favourite teacher, whom I met last year in L.A. per chance. He was excellent and motivated us to perform at our best. Nowadays, he is a well known producer (e.g. Bombshell) and screenwriter (e.g. The Big Short) working on outstanding projects.

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