Community Music School Students Selected for St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra

Community Music SchoolThe Community Music School of Webster University (CMS) recently made its selections for the for the 2022-2023 St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra.

Nicole Springer, director of CMS, was quick to offer congratulations to the students and thanks to the St. Louis Symphony for its ongoing involvement.

“CMS is grateful to the St. Louis Symphony and their musicians for their continued support of the talented young musicians at our school,” she said. “We are proud to share in their commitment to the next generation of professional musicians and enthusiastic audiences.”

2022-2023 St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra Selections: 

Students' instructor's names are noted in parenthesis, along with notations for inclusion in Young People’s Symphonic Orchestra (YPSO) and Young People’s Orchestra Percussion (YPOP).

First Violin

  • Micaela Chyu, Co-Concertmaster (Prep)
  • Celia Alexander, Asst. Concertmaster (Smart, Prep)
  • Eric Chen (Ilyashov, P.)
  • Julia Crowe (YPSO)
  • Ashley Kim (Keefe)

Second Violin

  • Nathan Bronstein, Co-Principal (Prep)
  • Sophia Heaton, Co-Principal (Prep)
  • Zoe Baldwin (YPSO)
  • Grace Li (YPSO)
  • Emma Shao (YPSO)
  • Samuel Wenger-Stickel (Prep/YPSO)

Violin Alternate

  • Emery Chamberlain (YPSO)
  • Elise Ellington (YPSO)
  • Yosef Granillo (YPSO)
  • Alexander Tung (Martin, Prep)
  • Essence Williams (YPSO)


  • Isabella Pantano, Co-Principal (Prep)
  • Erica Chen (YPSO)
  • Ethan Liu (Pickart)
  • Ava O'Bryan (YPSO)
  • Lillian Smith (YPSO)
  • Grace Song (Prep)
  • Delia Zacks (Popp, Prep)
  • Mallory Mihm, alternate (Prep, YPSO)


  • Madeline Buchowski, Co-Principal (Kim)
  • Rachel Li, Co-Principal (Prep)
  • Milla Chitwood (Lehr)
  • Christian Larsen (Seo)
  • Jonathan Lee (Czyzewski)
  • Taochi Margaret Leung (Seo, YPSO)
  • Luisa Parker (YPSO)
  • Andrew Su, alternate (YPSO)
  • Brody Van Wave, alternate (Lehr)

Double Bass

  • Erik Oswald (YPSO)


  • Sarah Liao (YPSO)
  • Rachel Chung, alternate (Hoyer, YPSO)


  • Abigail Ohms (Prep, YPSO)
  • Matthew Kim, alternate (YPSO)


  • Charles Randall (Ring)


  • Jackson Kenney (Prep)


  • Daniel Kent (Vahldick)
  • Anandi Varadhachary, alternate (YPSO)


  • Jacob Buchek (Vahldick)


  • Cameron Eltoft (Faris)
  • Norah Murphy (Faris)
  • Gramm Raedeke (Faris)
  • Kimmi Lin, alternate (YPOP)

The Community Music School of Webster University has been offering outstanding music education and performance opportunities to students of all ages and abilities in the St. Louis region since 1925. Headquartered on the University campus since 2006, the school boasts facilities that include a concert hall, teaching studios, rehearsal halls, classrooms and administrative offices. Many St. Louis Symphony members serve as faculty, coaches or sectional leaders. Currently, 40% of the St. Louis Symphony Youth Orchestra roster is composed of CMS students, while 60% is comprised of current and former students.



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