Community Music School Students Earn Honors at Missouri State Music Festival

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The Community Music School of Webster University is proud to congratulate 59 students who earned Gold, Silver, or Bronze ratings in the solo category at the Missouri State Music Festival in Columbia, April 27 - 30.  This is the first time the festival, sponsored by the Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA), has been held since the COVID-19 pandemic.

Approximately 356 schools were represented from across the state of Missouri with over 3,500 performances scheduled and an estimated 7,000-8,000 students performing.  All participants earned an exemplary rating on the district level to qualify for the state festival.  

"The CMS is proud to be a part of the educational journey for these exemplary young musicians," said Nicole Springer, Director of the Community Music School.  "We congratulate them on their dedication and commitment to excellence."


Gold Rating


Celia Alexander, violin (Smart)

Lucas Brown, percussion (Faris)

Jacob Buchek, tuba (Vahldick)

Madeline Buchowski, cello (Kim/Prep)

Erica Chen, viola (YPSO)

Milla Chitwood, cello (Lehr/YPSO)

Eleanor Christopher, violin (YPSO/Prep)

Julia Crowe, violin (YPSO)

Jacob Deeter, percussion (Faris)

Benjamin Ellis, trombone (YPSO)

William Everson, voice (Peterson)

Jonah Feinstein
, clarinet (Hotle/YPSO)

Sebastian Fleming, cello (Seo)

Sean Gallagher Jr., trumpet (Prep)

Silas Garrett, cello (Anello)

Kenedi Jenkins, vocal (YPSO)

Nicholas Karr, oboe (Prep)

Zehra Kilic, cello (Lehr)

Christian Larsen, cello (Seo)

Frank Ngo, flute (YPCO)

Hana Noueiry, oboe (YPSO)

Ava O'Bryan, viola (YPSO)


Erik Oswald, bass (YPSO)

Isabella Pantano, viola (Prep)

Taliyah Roash, flute (Hur)

Shiloh Roash, horn (Prep)

Norah Rutkowski, viola (YPSO)

Ethan Sanders, violin (Prep)

Andrew Son, piano (Gerassimov)

Brody VanWave, cello (Lehr)

Anandi Varadhachary, trombone (YPSO)

Shreyas Vedantham, percussion (Faris)


Silver Rating

Lucas Brown
, percussion (Faris)

Cameron Eltoft, percussion (Faris)

Seth Formby, trombone (Vahldick)

Alexander Goetz, trumpet (Garrison)

Logan Huyette, percussion (Faris)

Ryan Jackson, trumpet (Garrison)

Daniel Kent, trombone (Vahldick/YPCO)

Matthew Kim
, clarinet (YPCO)

Hannah Mitchell, violin (Popp)

Liam Mueller, viola (Popp)

Ann O'Halloran, flute (Hoyer)

Jonathan Rattenborg, percussion (Faris)

Colin Recar, viola (Bauer)

Alexander Roesler, cello (Lehr)


Norah Rutkowski, violin (YPSO)

Hannah Silverman, cello (Anello)

Sydney Studer, violin (YPSO)

Brandon Vaughn, clarinet (YPSO)

Barghav Vissa, violin (Woodland)


Bronze Rating


Nikolas Berndt, bassoon (YPSO)

Henry Blaine, keyboard mallet (Faris)

Destiny Davidson, viola (YPSO)


Michelle Ho, violin (YPCO/ Prep)

Angelina Hoang, violin (Kaymakanov)

Lawrence Ringwald, keyboard mallet (Faris)


Caitlin Wallace, flute (Hoyer/YPCO)

Sharon Wirth, clarinet (Hotle)

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